1, "Quanzhou Newstar Radio Factory" was established in 1988;

2, 1992 converted into "Quanzhou Beifeng Newstar Radio Factory"

3, 2002 established "Quanzhou Fengze Newstar Antennas Co., Ltd."

4, 2002 to the National Trademark Office successful application for the registration of "Tianquan" trademark;

5,2004 company address relocated to Quanzhou Jiangnan High-tech electronic information Industrial Park, 1th Purple Sheng Road,As the company expanded production scale, the establishment of "Quanzhou JiaXin Antenna Co., Ltd."

6, 2009 to the National Trademark Office to complete the "Tianquan" trademark transfer to "Quanzhou JiaXin Antenna Co., Ltd. "application;